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7:00 pm welcome to "hannity" tonight, we have a jam-packed edition of the show. america, are you ready? let's roll. >> she called it. >> after the russian army invaded the nation of georgia, senator obama's was a reaction of indecision and moral indecision. >> governor sarah palin was mocked for these comments back in 2008. now she is here tonight to respond to putin's latest power play that she predicted. >> the reset button has worked. and that we are moving in a
7:01 pm
great direction. >> "the washington post" calls out the president for living in a fantasy land. >> i don't know what you mean by reset. >> is this administration the laughing stock of the world? >> you said yourself, we have been here. and controversial director spike lee under the spotlight again for his rant on new york. >> good to see you. >> well, thank you, good to be seen, i'm wearing my nice flanle. >> all of that and my good friend, larry "the cable guy". >> and russian aggression taken to the extreme as russian troops march into the crimea over the weekend. jennifer griffin, what is the latest? >> sean, the pentagon is laying low right now. official statements, warnings to russia are coming from the white
7:02 pm
house, the u.n., where russia called a meeting this afternoon. just as the meeting started russian forces seized control of a ferry terminal along the crimean border and began to move the russian soldiers in by the truck load. the reports surfaced that it issued an ultimatum. russian officials later denied the threat was issued yet their troops are still surrounding ukrainian barrack. >> i think the strong condemnation that it received from countries around the world indicated that russia is on the wrong side of history. >> vladimir putin doesn't appear to be concerned or deterred. he oversaw russian military exercises today and pro-russian protests that may or may not be spontaneous broke out in eastern ukraine. russia's u.n. ambassador said -- excuse me, ukraine's former
7:03 pm
prime minister yanukovych. >> under the insolence of western countries these are open acts of terror and violence, people are being persecuted for religious reasons. >> one may think that russia just became the rapid response arm of the high commissioner for human rights. so many allegations made today are without basis and reality. >> the reality of neither the threat of sanctions or isolation seems to deter putin. thank you, my next guest predicted this would happen way back in 2008. but others lav s laughed it off >> after the russian army
7:04 pm
invaded georgia, senator obama's reaction was one of indecision and moral ambivalence. >> joining me now, former alaskan governor, fox news contributor. before i get to you were right and they were wrong. let's show four years later after you made that prediction there was a final debate on foreign policy, and this was the exchange between governor romney and president obama. >> when you were asked what is the biggest geo-political threat facing america, you said russia. not al-qaeda, and the 1980s are now calling and asking for their policy back. because the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> russia is a geo-political foe, i said in the same paragraph, and iran is the greatest national security threat we face. russia does continue to battle us in the u.n. time and time again, i have clear eyes o
7:05 pm
this. i won't glasses when it comes to russia or putin. >> back in 2008, you pinpointed it. people laughed at it. governor romney was right. what did you guys see that obama refused to see? >> well, anyone who carries the common sense gene would know that putin doesn't change his stripes. he harkens back to the era of the czars, and he wants that huge power. he has to get to the huge borders and capture them. but you know what, sean, more importantly we were right on that. i'm right when i talk about that inherent link between energy and security. energy and prosperity. and when we don't develop our resources and when we are not able to feed others with our resources and so many others are reliant upon russia who does
7:06 pm
develop their resources and with that wealth are able to strengthen their military and their influence and power on the globe, then other nations are in trouble. >> well, it is interesting, i thought that k.t. mcfarland had good ideas. also that obama should send a delegation to the czech republic, central europe and help them develop fracking techniques. because then, a big part of the equation is russia is rendered impotent. now vladimir putin has control of that, right? >> right, and see in that building of pipelines is an example of developing natural resources and what they can provide to a region. and here, today, was -- in washingt washington, d.c., we had all of these protesters against the keystone pipeline. look, america needs pipelines
7:07 pm
just like other parts of the globe we talked about need their pipelines. we need ours. and the protesters grouping about, oh, i don't know, perhaps an earth worm will be displaced when a pipeline is built in america. that earth worm, it can take one for the team. >> all right, so you were worried after georgia that this would happen in the ukraine. and we now are watching what is happening in crimea. are you concerned that this goes further? that his ambitions are much bigger than even in crimea area. >> well, yes, especially under the commander-in-chief that we have today. because obama, the perception of him and his potency across the world is one of such weakness. and you know, look, people are looking at putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil, they look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates, we
7:08 pm
are not exercising that peace, that strength that comes only through the strength of the united states, that only the united states military can do. >> let me play a montage because the president made a big deal about the so-called reset. john kerry was also asked about it over the weekend. here is a montage going through it, through 2009. this is the interview yesterday, take a watch. >> we want to reset our relationship. so we will do it together. >> i am somebody who genuinely believes that the reset button has worked and that we are moving in a good direction. >> marco rubio will be on this set, saying that it is time to acknowledge the reset with russia is dead. do you acknowledge that? >> well, i don't know what you mean by the reset?
7:09 pm
>> the reset that this administration called for. >> i know, but long ago we have entered into a different phase with russia. i don't think this is a moment to be proclaiming one thing or another. >> the reset if i'm correct was the following. the reset was that we give up nothing, except we give up some of our nuclear power. and then of course the concessions we denied the missile defense to poland and the czech republic. and the reset is that the russian president takes on edward snowden. the next red line was syria, and has this turned out to be a failure? and what is the ramification if it was a reset? >> obama instead has chosen to -- adopt this m.o. of leading from behind, whatever the heck that means. because the rest of the forward, looking for that shining city on
7:10 pm
the hill. looking for the country they can emulate. they're not seeing that anymore in america because of obama's weak leadership, leading from behind. that makes no sense. what is going on in a greater sense here is other countries finally taking advantage of that weakness in america at this point. because our commander in chief does not understand the peace through strength that so many of us want to get back to. that is the only way that our world will be safer, more secure. >> well, if you go back to what chuck hagel said, the era that america is going to lead in the sea and air and space. if that era is gone, he said we're cutting our troops. last question if i can. china now has created this alliance and they support what putin is doing, they have their own territorial ambitions.
7:11 pm
do you think that means well, we'll take over your territorial areas, and you take over ours. do you think that is what it means? >> a lot of it is what is happening with china, when putin is accused by critics of violating law in his actions today, well, i'm loathe to give any advice to a tyrant like putin. but you know what he could do is what liberals adopt here in america as acceptable. and that is when our president decides which laws picking and choosing that he will follow he can just call it an executive order and nobody says boo. >> all right, governor sarah palin, you were right in 2008. wish people had listened to you. i'm waiting for the media to apologize to you. guess i shouldn't hold my breath. all right, coming up, spike lee under heavy criticism for
7:12 pm
his cursing comments about new york. and you never know what he is going to say, larry the cable guy has a recap of his oscars "viewing party." tonight that and much more on "hannity." ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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welcome back to "hannity," president obama declared friday that quote, there will be costs if russia intervenes in ukraine, but today, russian troops securi secured control over crimea's peninsula, should we abe surprised? after all this won't be the first time the president issued a warning to the country. >> we cannot have a position where the biological weapons are falling into the hands of the
7:16 pm
wrong people. we have been very clear to the assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. >> all right, we all know what happened, and the president did nothing. ollie, let's start with you, how bad is what is happening here and is this the the president's projected weakness? >> of course, it will be a whole lot worse before it gets any better. kerry and u.n. ambassador sacramento suspend power finally today called what putin is doing, an invasion and quote, an act of aggression, which is forbidden under the u.n. charter. here is the question, russia is unlikely to annex crimea, they
7:17 pm
do need the bases, and of course, vladimir putin's beach house at yalta. of course, how much more of ukraine will they annex? kerry is going to kiev, don't be surprised if putin uses that as an opportunity to push air strikes. everybody knows there are no red lines for this administration. he draws with a pink crayon. >> something funny. >> what he just said, absolutely -- ukraine has been central to russia, expanding its old empire. ukraine and georgia have always been those places, even before obama got into office. crimea is a 90% russian residence. they have their bases there. what would ronald reagan have done, stood on the border of
7:18 pm
ukraine and said take your ships out? >> no, if ronald reagan were president, they would not have done this. >> oh come on, this is going back hundreds of years with ukraine, look at your history. >> excuse me, sir, the fact is joseph stalin annexed most of ukraine and butchered millions in the process. so the imported in ukraine, are new tenants, if you will, of his fiefdom. seven out of 11 gas and oil pipelines to western europe go through of all places, ukraine. and the failure of u.s. intelligence is astounding. how could they not have known this was coming. i remind you, sean, during the olympics when the russians moved their vessel into of all places, havana harbor and nobody knew it
7:19 pm
was coming. i said it was an intelligence collector and we now know they have not only moved that there they also increased their support for the intelligence -- the russians knew this was coming and nobody else did? >> ollie, if they didn't know it and it was intelligence, what would you have done? taken u.s. military boats and tried to block them. bring specifics, tell us what you're going to do. >> good, first of all if they paid attention, because i can't believe we didn't detect 20,000 ships and secures of ammunition to invade the crimea peninsula. if they -- if they had not noticed it they must not have known what they could do. here is what they should have done. number one, in the middle of the olympics they should have told putin if you do that you're out of the g8. we'll go back to calling it the
7:20 pm
g7, and we'll move the meeting from sochi to let's say, poland. you can go ahead and tell him the economic sanctions will start with his bank accounts. because if the reckoning is correct, he is one of the richest men in the world. let's freeze the assets and see if we can get his attention very quietly before it comes to this. >> you and i have agreements on this. the g8 is the single most important things we can do. the russian imports, 35% of their energy imports. it would be a terrible blow to them. on the other hand, they're going to have to ask themselves is there a price we need to pay here that could stop the russian aggression, poland is a country that has done that. they have stepped up to the plate. i'll say this much, obama's standing in the world and the
7:21 pm
weakness may have made it easier for putin, but he was going to do this anyway. >> how many times does he get to snub america between snows -- >> what would you do? >> i think ollie laid out perfectly. >> the other thing you do is you have to move towards energy dependence. >> the keystone. >> okay, that makes sense, right now what would you do? >> i just gave you the answer, we're out of time. >> just remember, the chinese and iranians are watching to see how people respond. >> well, china has their own territorial ambitions, as well. watch that closely. good to see you guys, thank you. coming up, director spike lee under fire for a profanity laced rant against new york. and later, apple ceo tim cook says get out of apple's stock, not a very good business decision. our great american panel will weigh in on that. also, larry the cable guy coming up on "hannity."
7:22 pm
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and when you put them in charge of making an unbeatable truck... ... good things happen. this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend truck of the year and first ever back-to-back champion. guts. glory. ram. welcome back to "hannity," the american film director spike lee delivered a profanity-laced rant against the gentrification of the neighborhoods. >> why does it take an influx of white new new yorkers in the south bronx, in harlem, in
7:26 pm
bed-stuy, when you see white mothers pushing their babies in strollers, you can't discover this i'm for democracy, but you have to respect you can't come in where people have a culture that has been laid down for generations and you come and [ bleep ]? get out of here. can't do that. >> now, days after those comments were made, graffiti vandals targeted the home owned by lee's father in brooklyn, they yelled "do the right thing" and the debates for the civil rights coalition, he has been hiding in some place on a ship in the caribbean, he is complaining about quote, gentrification, so you have some
7:27 pm
neighborhoods have been let go. now for years, haven't we had -- big companies, drug stores, supermarkets, wouldn't move into certain neighborhoods. high crime areas, so people invest money in these neighborhoods, put it at risk. they build the neighborhood back up, business comes in, jobs are created. homes increase, why is he complaining? >> i think he is complaining because he misses the ghetto, he misses the slums, nobody forced him out of brooklyn, he decided to sell it and got out of that neighborhood. he used to have street smarts, spike lee, you don't have street smarts because you would know a lot of neighborhoods are changing, culturally, demographically, what is the complaint? i think the complaint goes back to the 1995 rant, about the white interloper, freddy is the owner of freddy's factory, the
7:28 pm
rent of his sub tenant. and then you had that black nut who lit the place up and killed seven people plus himself. this is the racial poison that spike lee is trading in -- >> what is his point when you see white mothers on 125th street at 7:00, is had he saying 125th street is safer or is he complaining it is the white mothers? >> i think there is a racial angle. he is not complaining that white people are moving -- it is hard to identify a victim here other than spike lee and his nostalgia for the ghetto, it is not the government exercising eminent domain to displace people. these are private people, if the homeowners don't want to sell no one is forcing them to do so. and frankly i think there are a lot of neighbors in this
7:29 pm
neighborhood, saying shut up, sfi spike lee, i want to get paid. so you have black people, people with money, willing to invest in the neighborhoods, raising home values, right? >> not only raising home values but increasing the quality of life. job opportunities. and the other thing here, sean, even if you think this is a problem and i don't, even if you do, where does this rank on the list of problems facing black people in new york? we have a mayor who declared a war on charter schools, which disproportionately helped blacks. he wants to complain about white people wanting to pay blacks millions of dollars for their homes. >> let me ask you a question, is this a racist comment, racial comment, how would you characterize it? >> racialist --
7:30 pm
>> the same difference. racist, occasional rationalist, these guy laments the time where neighborhoods were black. i grew up in central harlem and i don't lament those days. i got the heck out. we blacks used to complain about white flight, whites are coming back to the cities, they want diversity, it is good. >> white people are moving -- >> they can't win, can they? >> minority areas. does that say -- >> you would think that diversity -- >> when the rent started going up, that is why they love -- >> is it racist? what do you think? >> i think the way to answer that question if a white person made that same complaint, what would he be called? >> all right, check mate. coming up next, we have gavin
7:31 pm
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welcome back to "hannity," apparently america's top technology company has no room for anybody who questions the theory of man-made global warming at the annual shareholder meeting on monday. they told people who oppose the company's sustainability efforts to quote, get out of the stock. joining me now, our great, great american panel, and our contributor, she is back, author, fox news contributor, friend of the program. get out of the stock?
7:36 pm
who says that? >> he does. why do you have a problem with that? if you have people, shareholders that are telling you not to be sustainable or they're not supporting your initiatives and green programs then drop your stock and go invest in somebody else. >> i want to invest my stock -- >> and steve jobs didn't run a green company because this guy could. >> the company is wasting money on things you shouldn't waste money on. >> first of all you have people committing suicide in china, where the plant is, it is in horrible, horrible situation there. he should be putting a lot of ipads in this country. >> i agree with that. and they're not paying taxes, by the way, they're just following the laws. >> why are you against green, though? green is healthy? you don't want to be healthy. >> i lost 25 pounds and you just got done yelling at me i did it the wrong way.
7:37 pm
>> you did it the wrong way. >> atkins. >> it is not green, organic foods, lots of vegetables. >> if you think i'm going to eat leaves and tofu. >> i do. >> kale smoothy. >> it does the body good. >> if would rather die than drink a kale smoothy. >> i'm going to do a smoothy for you and bring it in. >> that is why we have heart attacks o-- >> i lost 25 pounds, you should be praising me, i'm 52, i look younger. green movement in a nut shell, he has done the math, he lost the weight, why do you care how he got there? >> i love that. >> if the ceo doesn't like numbers then he is done. >> sometimes weight loss does not equate with healthy living. >> it is great that you lost the weight, but for long-term it
7:38 pm
would be awesome if you incorporated. >> really, you lose your argument if he stays that deliciously slim. you turned on me, thanks a lot. >> you're like -- >> why do you want to take a short cut? why don't you do it the proper way. he did it the proper way. >> not going on a high protein di diet. you can't sustain that, sean. >> i play sports, i ate less and i stopped eating as much. i lost 25 pounds, you ought to be praising me. >> well, it is good you lost the weight. >> your husband writes me i'm a fat pig every day but i'm not drinking kale smoothies. >> i drink juice every day, i have the apples, the cucumbers. >> i like meat, i like bacon, cheese burgers, hot dogs. >> you say that, i just had a relative, 53, he just had a heart attack. >> how fat was he? >> he was not fat at all, he was
7:39 pm
really lean. >> again that doesn't help your insides. no way your heart and arteries can sustain. >> how dumb is it for a business guy to say get out if you don't believe with our policies? >> its not smart, but he probably conducted a cost analysis in his head and said there are going to be a bunch of people who hate what i said, i'm going to win some, lose some, not the brightest move, i wouldn't do it. you want the more the merrier. >> just smashed my iphone, what do you think? >> i like the fact that he is investing in the green programs. he now has introduced wind and solar. >> are you against all meat and fish? >> no, i don't eat it myself, i am not against other people eating it. >> i eat it healthy. >> how do you eat it? >> how is it grown? >> is it organic. >> grass fed? >> i live in new york.
7:40 pm
do you think i go out in the back yard, shoot the cow, cut him up and cook him? >> i can buy the organic beef, otherwise you support the factory farms that are completely useless. >> it doesn't impact me, i don't care. >> wow, then you have no compassion. >> you have no compassion. >> i am a conservative, how can i possibly? >> you don't care? >> that is my truth. >> and you don't care about the environmental destruction also, from confining our animals and breeding them -- >> i think god gave us the animals to eat -- >> not in that way. >> can i say something, where the free market can't do anything green, the free market is the worst way that the government can be. we invented the steam engine and the car, we made the world better with the free market.
7:41 pm
the government is incompetent. they can't regulate anything. if you let conservatives -- >> i do eat some meat. >> i eat meat like a maniac, i was a vegetarian for 15 years. >> you eat corn beef? >> no, that comes from an animal. >> she doesn't eat meat, she is hard core. >> when you know what is out there, the facts on the factory farmings. >> we had a dinner together once, she cooked it and it was amazing. >> you loved it. that is the thing about this vegetarian cooking, if you know how to do it -- >> well, it helps to be rich. it is great to have the money to buy the farm fed -- the rest of us just want to get through the day. >> most people who are actually healthy eaters they are not even rich. so it doesn't equate.
7:42 pm
in fact, you're rich, you're eating all the wrong foods. >> i eat apples, oranges. >> that is good. >> apples, oranges. >> are they organic. >> oh, for crying out loud. >> organic bananas. >> it generally means -- >> not be sprayed with poison, you want to eat poison? >> you take the peeling off before you eat it next. you are eating raw bananas? >> coming up next, larry the cable guy gives us his take on the oscars. >> plus, the one movie i think was snubbed by the oscars. what does everything mean to you?
7:43 pm
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welcome back to "hannity,"
7:47 pm
academy awards is hollywood's biggest event of the year. but according to reuters' poll, 67% had not even seen most of the movies nominated. to prove that point, jimmy kimmel had reactions from people on the street about the movies. >> what do you think about judi densch's performance in the movie? >> she did well, she had had a family member. >> 12 years a slave, was it an all-white cast? >> i think they should have put some black people in it. >> you think they should have put some african-americans in it? >> i think so yeah. >> what did you think about the tarantino movie? >> great. >> what do you like about it? >> the details, the main
7:48 pm
structure of the picture. >> all right, joining me now, the take on the oscars, why do people do that? they don't want to be seen as not knowing something? >> they want to act like they have seen it. >> who does this, who doesn't watch the oscars? >> no, but those movies don't exist. >> i know they want to exist, they want to act like you saw the oscars. >> did you see it some. >> no, i didn't watch the oscars. i i watched stossel. >> i like him. >> i do, too, and if i was gay, stossel. >> i am glad you shared. >> i wouldn't be coombs, not that i think he doesn't kiss well, i'm just saying. >> i wouldn't know either. >> can i point out, i wore this same exact shirt i had had on last time i was on your show. >> well, thanks for sharing.
7:49 pm
>> do you not own another shirt? >> i have like a 280 pound shirt, when i get down to the extra larges i have about five of those shirts, i'm all the way up to my fat shirts. >> what happened to nutri-systems -- >> i haven't down that in like three years. let me tell you something, buy stock in prilosec, taco bell just announced near going to start serving breakfast. that is good news, now we can get diarrhea before 1:02. it is going to be awesome. >> all right, let's go back to the oscars, matthew mcconaughey, he did well, i thought his speech was great. watch this, he even mentioned god. >> first off, i want to thank god, because that is who i look up to. he has graced my life with opportunities that i know are not of my hand or any other human hand. he has shown me that it is a
7:50 pm
scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates. >> hollywood mentioning god? >> that is good, awesome. the other dude in the movie, he played a cross dresser or something, he won for best supporting actor? he could have won for best supporting female actor. >> he was playing a character, larry. >> i know, but he still could have done it. >> let me tell you something, i get screwed out of an award all the time, i have been nominated
7:51 pm
for seven razzies, that is good. >> how much did you win? >> none? >> none, and that is what makes me mad, sean, i get nominated to suck, and i can't even win the "i suck" award. i am not even good enough to suck. that is what makes me mad. >> did you see the selfie that ellen put up? >> i put one up today, too. >> you got a selfy? all right, let's see yours? we got larrys? >> look at that, that is a lot of eye candy right there. that is too much eye candy, if you have diabetes, turn off the tv.
7:52 pm
i quit my gym membership. i'm excited. >> i'm having trouble with my distances. >> i don't know about that, but i met that golf pro, i'm not kidding, sean, i work out for five minutes, i was throwing my glove -- >> it was unbelievable. >> i was in a bunker more than >> i shot 84 is my best score. >> that is my best score. i wear to god. >> i shot 84 and thought i was good. you're thinking we're playing golf. i go out to eat with arnold palmer. me, my wife and a couple other people. she's here, he's here.
7:53 pm
hey, mr. palmer what is the worst game you ever had of golf? ? he goes through a story he was breaking clubs and mad and wanted to leave. just resigned himself. we'll sign autographs. he goes i shouldn't be golfing. i shot an 84. my wife is kicking me under the table. you know? thanks arnold. >> who has time to play golf? >> comedians do. >> i script on weekdays. >> larry good to see you. >> let me talk. >> here, prilosec. first go on you can't beat i'm giving away two tickets to any race in the country, a thousand dollars and a utility vehicle. and i was at daytona 500.
7:54 pm
i got into a scrap with ryan newman. he's my buddy. i'm going to race against ryan newman in fort worth at texas race. >> i'm betting on ryan. >> probably a good bet. but that is what i'm doing. i want everybody to check that out. >> all right. >> good to see you my friend. >> good to see you, sean. >> speaking of the oscars one movie academy snubbed last night. did politics play a role in the lack of nominations for the movie i liked best, "the lone survivor"? coming up next. [ male announcer ] it's simple phics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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[poof!] [beep] [clicks mouse] nice office. how you doing? good. automatic discounts the moment you sign up. welcome back to "hannity"
7:59 pm
last night hollywood a-listers strolled down the red carpet but there is one film i thought should have won awards, "lone survivor" nominated for sound editing and sound mixing. here is a clip. >> this is johnny. are you ready? way i see it we've got two options. one let them go, two roll the dice. >> we've got 200 on our backs >> we need to compromise >> i can't do that. >> i care about you. not doing it. we're going to cut them loose. we're going home. >> amazing story about the real life story of marcus latrell. mark wahlberg played an incredible role here. i'm assuming left wing hollywood had their typical left wing buy
8:00 pm
yachlts it's time to set your dvr. do it right now. and don't forget start your weekday morning with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ pleasure. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> the fact is he is going to lose on the international stage. russia is going to lose. >> but is that true? will president obama be able to defeat putin on the diplomatic battlefield? tonight, we'll have extensive analysis. >> many russians and putin on their behalf resent american assertions of exceptionism. they point to our own flawed history. >> now nbc's olympic coverage seems even more dubious. bob costas will be here. >> invading countries is something united states knows about from really raw experience. >> trotting out the moral equivalency. how can the u.s.a

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